Chew On These Sweet Candy Treats From The 60s, 70s and 80s

Nothing brings back sweet childhood memories better than looking back at the candy we loved. Who can forget scrounging together a few quarters or even a few dollars and making the trip any way you could get there to the nearest source of your favorite sweet treats.

Your possible candy choices  seemed endless. There seemed to be so much selection and so little money to get a hold of exactly what you wanted that day. Would it be BubbleYum for a quarter? An Abba Zabba? Or would it be something new and slightly dangerous like Pop Rocks or ZotZ? Could you even scrape together a little more change and get a box of Hot Tamales with your Candy Necklace?

As kids we didn’t seem to worry about cavities, gaining weight or pulling out expensive dental work by eating something chewy or gnawing on a jawbreaker. Your only problem seemed to be reaching the end of your candy coffers and renewing your supply.

There was something about those brightly-colored wrappers and shapes of all kinds that lit up your imagination and flooded your kid brain with exciting flavor possibilities. Looking back at these vintage candy favorites still seem to trigger good memories for millions of people online who love to remember simpler, sweeter times.

  1. 1 Astro Pops were first made in 1963--by two rocket scientists!


    The transparent, three colored cone shaped suckers were modeled after the 3 stage-rockets the scientists were working on at the time in El Segundo, CA. The original flavors of the space age suckers were cherry, passionfruit and pineapple.