Top Fall Show Start Dates & Trailers for 2019

The end of summer is known for giving us some of the best new shows and new seasons of the year. So, in reality, there are dozens of shows to watch this season. While Autumn begins on September 23, we’re going to go all the way through the end of September. Here are the ten TV shows that you don’t want to miss the rest of the summer!  

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Season 1 (August 30)

Where to Watch: Netflix 

It’s been 37 years since The Dark Crystal was released, a movie that has been viewed a billion times. Now, we get to see what happened before the events of the move took place. The producers did an amazing job of modernizing graphics without taking away from the magic. Hopefully they can do the same with the story. 

Carnival Row, Season 1 (August 30)

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video 

While many are hesitant to accept Cara Delevingne starring alongside Orlando Bloom, we all have hope for this new fantasy tale. This Victorian era fantasy series promises beautiful fairy adventures with a dark twist. 

Black-ish, Season 6 (September 24) 

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Where to Watch: ABC Go or Hulu 

Premiering in 2014, Black-ish has shed light on the African-American culture, namely the upper-middle class portrayed in the series. In this series, we see America for what it is, a melting pot of multiple cultures looking towards the future without forgetting the past. What will Season 6 hold?

The Good Doctor, Season 3 (September 23) 

Where to Watch: Hulu

With two seasons behind us, we look towards Season 3 of The Good Doctor. In this show, Autistic doctor shines bright by using his strengths to overcome the weaknesses of the average doctor’s brain. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t struggle with his unique brain. From emotional disaster to trouble with relationships, we see everything in Freddie Highmore’s character who has a very real cognitive disorder. 

Prodigal Son, Season 1 (September 23)

Where to Watch: Fox, Possible Hulu 

Prodigal Son is new show about a psychologist played by Tom Payne (Jesus of The Walking Dead). In the show, Malcom Bright (Tom Payne) uses his incredible mind to help solve crimes and stop killers in their tracks. This may sound cool, but there’s a dark reason he is obsessed with killing. His father is a known serial killer and his mother is cold and manipulative. Not a good situation, but a wonderful way to start a new series.  

This is Us, Season 4 (September 24)

Photo: NBC

Where to Watch: NBC or Hulu 

For three seasons, the Pearsons have been making us laugh, cry, and build up our own relationships. The show has received near-perfect reviews and has hardly lost a fan along its journey. Never has a show dealt with more issues than This is Us and we look forward to seeing what the new season brings. 

Empire, Season 6 (September 24) 

Where to Watch: Fox or Hulu 

One of the biggest shows of the last few seasons, Empire is back for its sixth season next month. The first season of the show begins with a question of inheritance. When a rich father is faced with death, who will he choose to take over once he is gone? More than money is at stake in this intense drama. 

The Masked Singer, Season 2 (September 25) 

Where to Watch: Fox or Hulu 

With a host like Nick Cannon, what could go wrong? The Masked Singer is unlike any other singing competition because while we know all of the contestants, they are in disguise. This show lets celebrities sing their hearts out, leaving us to guess who they are and crown one masked face the singing champion. Oh yes, I forgot to mention…Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke are the judges! 

NCIS, Season 17 (September 24)

Where to Watch: CBS or Hulu

Not many shows can say they’ve made it to Season 17, but NCIS has done so. That’s not even including the multiple spin-offs we see of the show each year. If you’ve watched even a few seasons of the show, now is the time to binge because you won’t want to miss Season 17. 

Young Sheldon, Season 3 (September 26)

Where to Watch: Hulu or CBS 

Sheldon Cooper is one of the most beloved characters from The Big Bang Theory. Which is exactly why in 2017, he got his own show. The show starts in 1989 when Sheldon skips four grades to start high school with his teen brother of a much lower intelligence level. This is the story that fans have been wanting to see for years, and now season 3 has finally been announced! Back before the banana hits the ground!