10 of the Best Winter Places to Visit

Winter travel can be challenging due to chilly showers, slick sidewalks, and overcast skies. But hot beverages, ski slopes, frozen lakes, and fresh air-filled crisp, blue skies? That is the kind of wintertime that we can all get acquainted with. While many travel to warmer countries to escape the cold, many prefer the snow. And in certain cities, winter seems to bring out their best qualities. Here are 10 of the best winter places to visit and whatever the case, you should visit one of these places at least once.

Salzburg, Austria

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock, Dzerkach Viktar

This city is ideal for a winter getaway with its background of Christmas carols and traditional marketplaces. On Christmas Eve in 1818, a rendition of “Silent Night” was presented for the first time in the Oberndorf neighborhood of Salzburg.

The major market for the city is held beneath Salzburg’s Hohensalzburg fortress. Still, Mirabell Square’s market is particularly well-liked with diners who come to sample regional specialties like halusky, made of pieces of dumpling mixed with fried bacon.

Prague, Czech Republic

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Prague, a fairytale city with spires covered in snow and winding alleyways made of cobblestones, is comparatively uncrowded in the winter.

The old town, with its towers and Romanesque vaults, is one of the most picturesque regions. Under a blanket of snow, the exquisite architecture is even more beautiful. The local cafes are great for escaping the wintry weather. In the city center, gas street lighting has been rebuilt, giving evenings a lovely glow.

Tromsø, Norway – 10 of the Best Winter Places to Visit

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Tromsø, referred to as the Arctic capital, is fantastic in the winter. It is frequently recognized as Norway’s most attractive city and is a starting point for viewing the northern lights.

The Polar Museum, which provides insight into the history of Arctic expeditions, and the Troms Museum, which is renowned for its Sami exhibitions, are just two of the fascinating institutions that can be found.

Quebec, Canada

Photo by Sondoce wasfy on Unsplash

Even though this Canadian city’s winters are notoriously frigid, dressing in layers is still worth it. You can enjoy ice skating at Place D’Youville after visiting Old Québec to witness charming historical structures decorated for Christmas. At the German Christmas Market, enjoy mulled wine from a warm mug when you need relief from the cold. Plan your trip to arrive in the city in February, when a number of winter festivals, including the Carnaval de Québec and the Mois Multi art festival, are held all across the city. The cultural traditions of its origin are still upheld in Québec City, the cradle of New France. The rich history of Québec City is waiting to be discovered around every corner.

Whistler, British Columbia

Photo by Amy Tran on Unsplash

The world-famous slopes of Whistler Blackcomb draw hordes of winter sports lovers to this Canadian location in British Columbia. At the Whistler Sliding Centre, visitors could go bobsledding, sign up for a snowshoe excursion, or just enjoy the excellent après-ski scene. However, Whistler also has a lot to offer non-skiers. Regardless of when visitors choose to go, they should anticipate daytime highs to be in the 20s and 30s.

Nagano, Japan – 10 of the Best Winter Places to Visit

Photo by HONG FENG on Unsplash

Nagano, which once hosted the Winter Olympics, makes a fantastic starting point for touring adjacent ski areas. After a day on the slopes, slipping into the nearby natural hot springs are an excellent way to end the day. Buddhist temples clad in snow are stunning. The Togakushi Minzoku-kan folklore museum offers an intriguing exhibit on the ninjas who formerly trained there. The panoramas of Nagano’s snowy landscape are magnificent in the winter.

Reykjavik, Iceland

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The capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, is one of the coldest places in Europe. Still, it also contains a lot of natural hot springs, some of the best of which can be found in the Nauthólsvík neighborhood. The Winter Lights Festival is a stunning spectacle that happens every year in February.

Visitors can skate on the city’s Tjörnin pond or try their hand at various winter sports. Rrúgbrauð, a locally baked, delicious, dark bread, is available in many quaint coffee shops.

A soak in the city’s several outdoor geothermal bathing pools is a must-do wintertime activity. Nothing compares to taking a bath in these naturally warm waters as snowflakes tickle your nostrils.

Berlin, Germany

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Berlin is bustling with activities during the winter, from the street markets and concerts to the pop-up ice skating rinks and sledding slopes.

The magnificent Christmas garden at Botanischer Garten, which is illuminated from late November to early January, is a well-known spot.

The two-story Käthe Wohlfahrt Christmas shop on Kurfürstendamm is interesting to check out; it is open all year and carries everything from candles to tree ornaments.

Visit the Tiergarten, a spacious public park close to popular attractions, to face the winter weather head-on rather than seek shelter. You can play curling and then recharge with hot cocoa or mulled wine.

Ottawa, Canada – 10 of the Best Winter Places to Visit

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One of the biggest winter events in the world, Winterlude in Ottawa is renowned for its ice sculptures, outdoor performances, and toboggan runs.

Some of the biggest monuments and structures in the city are decorated with holiday lights as part of the Christmas Lights across Canada program.

The 7.8-kilometer (4.8-mile) Rideau Canal Skateway, which employees and students use to travel around the city’s center on ice skates, is one of the world’s coolest commutes in the winter.

The Rideau Canal, the biggest natural ice rink in the world, is open to visitors from January through February.

Queenstown, New Zealand

Photo by Raelle Gann-Owens on Unsplash

Make sure to visit Queenstown if you visit New Zealand between May and September. With four top-notch ski resorts within a short drive of the busy town, Queenstown is the leading ski destination in the Southern Hemisphere. There are a lot of skiable terrains, so there is something for all levels and preferences. The remarkable mountain range is a sight to behold, and while it’s a great spot to go all year round, the winter months truly bring it to life.