Check Out This Rare Disneyland Memorabilia Collected by Former Cast Members

Recently, an auction was held featuring over 800 pieces of iconic rare Disneyland memorabilia from over the past 60 years of the park’s history. The exhibition and auction titled “Remembering Disneyland”, was held by Eaton Galleries in Sherman Oaks, California on December 16, 2017. The gallery says the exhibition, “tells the story of Disneyland through the memories and experiences of former Cast Members, performers, and individuals who have had a role in the legacy of the park.”

This large and varied collection of items included items like original wardrobe, concept art, props, vintage souvenirs, rare attraction posters, and even a 1954 Disneyland prospectus (it sold for $9,250). A lot of the items came from former cast members who worked at the park many years ago but held onto items like ID Badges, hats, patches and other items from uniforms of all kinds.

The collection also included items from Walt Disney World, EPCOT, Tokyo Disneyland, and Disneyland Paris. Since it’s opening in 1955, an estimated 650 million guests have visited Disneyland–almost double the size of the current U.S. population. As a result, generations of enthusiasts have created a thriving marketplace for any memorabilia that helps them recapture the magic of a visit to the park.

While the auction may have ended, Eaton Galleries still features a lot of comparatively inexpensive items you can purchase directly from their website now if you’re so inclined. Here are some of the items still available for sale online.

1961 Disneyland Gate Flyer

1980 Disneyland Cast New Hire Packet

Fall 1971 copy of BACKSTAGE magazine – a publication for cast members – Check Out This Rare Disneyland Memorabilia Collected by Former Cast Members

Goodyear PeopleMover cloth embroidered cast member patch

1982 Matterhorn poster created for employees only to mark the occasion of the attraction’s refurbishment

1978 Big Thunder Night poster posted backstage for a special employee event – Check Out This Rare Disneyland Memorabilia Collected by Former Cast Members

Carnation Ice Cream Parlor Menu appears to be in the process of being revised by an employee who has cut and pasted typed copy over the original menu

Hand-silkscreened poster for the “It’s a Small World” attraction. Designed by Imagineer Paul Hartley,

Disneyland Castle uniform patch worn by cast members in the 1960s

1958 Disneyland Guidebook – Check Out This Rare Disneyland Memorabilia Collected by Former Cast Members

1960s Disneyland Hotel Menu

Cloth embroidered patch worn by It’s A Small World attraction cast members

1967 Monsanto Adventure Through Inner Space information booklet

Adventure Thru Inner Space attraction, in the style that was worn after Monsanto no longer sponsored the attraction.

1965 Disneyland Board Game

TWA Rocket to the Moon Certificate

This was an early giveaway from the TWA Rocket to the Moon attraction at Disneyland. It was designed in 1956 for the opening of the attraction. The document certified that the holder had “rocketed round trip to the moon from the Disneyland Spaceport via TWA Rocket Ship.” This particular copy was never filled out but the owner.

Disneyland Club 33 cloth embroidered sleeve patch worn by cast members

Easter Week Handouts, Guidebook and Ticket Set from 1987

Ticket sets and other materials from Easter week in 1987. Included is a membership promotion to the Magic Kingdom club. Benefits to the club included a 10% discount at the Disneyland Hotel and “great savings” from PSA Airlines–the official airlines of Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom Club.”

If you look closely, you’ll see the nighttime entertainment includes the wholesome, Disneyland-friendly comedian George Carlin!

Gate Flyer from 1966 that promoted 3 new park attractions: It’s a Small World, The Primeval World, and New Orleans Square

1964 Realtor Nite At Disneyland – Check Out This Rare Disneyland Memorabilia Collected by Former Cast Members

A promotion for a closed park, somewhat private event for participating companies. These flyers would be provided by Disneyland for distribution at several participating employers workplaces. Employees would then reserve their tickets ahead of time and the park attractions would be available to them on an unlimited basis. 

1955 Disneyland Guidebook

Your pictorial guide to Disneyland and the exotic and fascinating worlds that await.

Donald Duck Ice Cream poster printed in the 1960s or 70s

Rocket Jets attraction poster

1961 Disneyland Hotel Menu/mask from the Disneyland Restaurant featuring Chucko the clown.

Insert to the 1960 Disneyland Guidebook

This flyer was also available as a handout at various souvenir kiosks throughout the park in the summer of 1958. The flyer was used to promote the coming attractions of Nature’s Wonderland and America the Beautiful in Tomorrowland sponsored by Bell Telephone.

Press Packet distributed to media outlets to promote the renovation of Fantasyland in 1983

An original hand-silkscreened poster never used in the park. Sold for $7,000