Fun Factoids About Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is more than just a day of feasting; it’s a holiday steeped in history, tradition, and intriguing factoids. As families gather to give thanks and share a bountiful meal, they may not be aware of the fascinating stories and details that make Thanksgiving the uniquely American celebration that it is. In this article, we explore fun factoids about Thanksgiving, shedding light on the lesser-known aspects of this cherished holiday.

The Plymouth Pilgrims And The “First” Thanksgiving

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The commonly held notion that the Plymouth Pilgrims celebrated the “first” Thanksgiving with Native Americans in 1621 is indeed a significant event in American history. However, what many people don’t realize is that there were earlier thanksgiving feasts in the New World. Spanish explorers, for instance, held such gatherings in Florida in the late 1500s. Furthermore, French Huguenots in Florida also celebrated a thanksgiving feast in 1564. These earlier instances highlight that giving thanks for a bountiful harvest is a tradition that predates the Pilgrims’ famous feast.

The Lincoln ConnectionFun Factoids About Thanksgiving

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The story of President Abraham Lincoln proclaiming Thanksgiving a national holiday is well-known. Yet, the underlying motive behind his proclamation adds depth to this historical event. In the midst of the Civil War, a time of profound division and strife in the nation, Lincoln saw Thanksgiving as an opportunity to unite the country. By designating a day for Americans to express gratitude, he aimed to foster a sense of unity and common purpose during a tumultuous period in the nation’s history. This reveals Lincoln’s deep understanding of the power of gratitude to heal and unify.

Turkeys And The Presidential Pardons

Photo courtesy of YouTube, A history of how lucky turkeys came to earn presidential pardons

The tradition of the presidential turkey pardon, with all its whimsy, has an interesting evolution. The informal tradition of sparing a turkey began with President Harry Truman in the 1940s when he was gifted a turkey and decided to let it live. However, it wasn’t until President George H.W. Bush that the turkey pardon became an official, annual event in 1989. This quirky but heartwarming tradition provides a light-hearted and memorable moment during the Thanksgiving season.

A Macy’s Parade TraditionFun Factoids About Thanksgiving

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The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has become an integral part of the holiday for millions of Americans. However, its origins are less glamorous than the spectacle it is today. In 1924, the first Macy’s parade featured animals from the Central Park Zoo, and it was a much simpler affair. Over the years, it transformed into the grand procession of giant balloons, marching bands, and celebrity performances that we now associate with the parade. This evolution demonstrates the power of imagination and creativity in turning a modest beginning into a beloved tradition.

The NFL And Thanksgiving

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Football and Thanksgiving have become an inseparable duo, especially in American culture. The NFL’s Thanksgiving games date back to 1920, but it was the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys who became consistent hosts of these games in the 1960s. The tradition has since grown to include a third game, providing families with a shared experience after the Thanksgiving meal. It underscores the role that sports play in bringing people together and creating lasting memories.

The Origins Of The CornucopiaFun Factoids About Thanksgiving

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The cornucopia, often referred to as the “horn of plenty,” is a symbol intimately tied to Thanksgiving. Its origin, rooted in Greek mythology, adds depth to its meaning. The story of Amalthea, the goat who nursed the infant Zeus and was rewarded with a magical horn that provided unlimited nourishment, evokes themes of abundance and plenty. This symbol is a reminder of the essential role of sustenance and gratitude during the Thanksgiving season.

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons

Photo courtesy of YouTube, The best floats, balloons at Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade 2022

The giant balloons featured in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade are a testament to human creativity and engineering. The fact that the first balloons were released into the sky at the end of the parade, without handles or helium, shows how the parade’s iconic elements have evolved. The decision to make the balloons float using helium and to add handles for the balloon handlers transformed the parade into the spectacle it is today. This showcases the power of innovation in shaping beloved traditions.

The Role Of Football In The SouthFun Factoids About Thanksgiving

Photo courtesy of YouTube, 2013 Iron Bowl – #1 Alabama vs. #4 Auburn (HD)

While the NFL games dominate Thanksgiving in many parts of the country, the South has a different tradition. College football takes center stage, with the “Iron Bowl” between Auburn and Alabama being one of the most celebrated rivalries. This tradition extends beyond the football field, as it ignites passionate debates and serves as a focal point for gatherings among friends and family. It highlights the regional variations that make Thanksgiving a diverse and fascinating holiday.

Giving Thanks Around The World

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Thanksgiving is quintessentially American, but the act of giving thanks is universal. Canada celebrates its own Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October, and similar festivals can be found in various cultures worldwide. For instance, Germany has its Erntedankfest, a harvest festival, while Japan celebrates Labor Thanksgiving Day. These international expressions of gratitude illustrate the common human need to pause and appreciate the blessings of life, no matter where one lives.

The Day Before Thanksgiving Fun Factoids About Thanksgiving

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The day before Thanksgiving, often referred to as “Blackout Wednesday” or “Drinksgiving,” is a fascinating phenomenon in itself. It’s a night when people across the country come together to celebrate and unwind, making it one of the biggest drinking nights of the year. Bars and restaurants often see a significant increase in patrons, creating a unique and lively atmosphere. This prelude to Thanksgiving reflects the communal spirit that characterizes the holiday season.

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